A Guide to Screen Printing Promotional Items

Screen printing is a cost-effective method for putting your company’s logo or slogan onto printed promotional items. It works by applying a stencilled design to the surface of the item and using a mesh screen to transfer the design to the fabric. Most commonly used for t-shirts and water bottles, this technique works best for a range of promotional items. Its versatility allows for endless design possibilities and offers a high level of vibrancy – the thick ink is ideal for dark-colored fabrics, as the ink is less visible and more smudge-proof.

Screen printing involves the application of ink to a surface with a stencil. The ink is applied one color at a time, a process known as sublimation. The more colors in the design, the more screens are required, which increases the set-up time. The process is suitable for virtually any type of product and comes in various styles. As a result, the more shirts you want to order, the lower the cost will be.

Another type of screen printing promotional item is drawstring bags, which are great for keeping your company’s brand and messaging at eye level. A drawstring bag is an inexpensive and effective promotional product that can be used repeatedly. There are many different materials for these bags, and they’re often reusable. For a small budget, drawstring bags are an affordable option. It’s an excellent choice for fundraisers and 5K giveaways, because they’re lightweight and easy to carry around.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option for a large order or just a simple promotional item, screen printing is a great option. The cost is low, and the results are excellent. The process is similar to letterpress and lithography, but it uses a transparent overlay to guide the ink through the fabric. However, because the ink transfers through the stencil, only UV-sensitive parts of the design will be visible on the surface.

Screen printing is a cost-effective option for promotional items. Because it uses one color at a time, it is an excellent option for simple designs. More complex designs may need to be modified. Instead, opt for custom heat transfers if you need a complex logo or graphic. Choosing the right imprint method is essential for getting the perfect print every time. In addition to the cost-effectiveness, screen printing is a great option for a wide range of promotional products.

When creating a screen-printed product, it is essential to make sure that the final product is the same as the original design. The finished product should have the same color and size as the original. The color of the print will be visible after the process has been completed. Depending on the design, a heat press or screen-printed clothing will last a long time. In case you need a custom-made item with a custom-designed logo, look no further than Chicago screen printing & embroidery.

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