Complementing Traditional Lighting Styles With Contemporary Designs

Home lighting designs have a way of bringing a home to life, creating the mood and atmosphere that is desired in its rooms. There are many different types of home lighting design, each bringing something a little unique to the homes they are installed in. If you are looking for a unique touch, you may want to consider the following interior home lighting designs from renowned designer Christian Dior:

The interior of this beautiful house is given character by the use of rich brown and silvery grained furniture. The colors used in the furniture were carefully considered, and include the beautiful mother of pearl pieces found on the dining table and chairs. One item in particular is the large chair with a pearl headrest and curved back. The brown colored upholstered benches on the patio were designed with a ruffled fabric on the back. The patio table and chairs were covered in a warm sea color fabrics that match the upholstery beautifully.

For contemporary home lighting designs, the lighting in the dining room is provided by twelve individually controlled light fixtures that are arranged in pairs around the table. The light fixtures include three small chandeliers and one larger chandelier that are situated either side of the central light fixture. The smaller chandeliers and table lamps are installed on the dining table while the larger chandelier is suspended from the ceiling.

To complete the sophisticated look of the home, the kitchen is equipped with high quality lighting. The three individual chandeliers in the kitchen are matched with sleek stainless steel trash can lights, which are placed on either side of the island. Under the island is a well lit workspace that provides the needed illumination for preparing meals. The trash cans are also fitted with a dimmer, so that you can adjust the lights according to the meal time instead of trying to read a recipe or a book on your tablet computer.

As mentioned earlier, contemporary home lighting designs focus on the functionality of the various home lighting fixtures. Each fixture is designed to create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness within the home. The interior designer also has to take into consideration factors such as the use of the lighting, color schemes and general style of the room. In order to obtain the desired results, the designer will have to make several style decisions.

The lighting fixtures are designed to compliment the overall color scheme of the home. While the traditional lighting styles concentrate more on task and accent, the contemporary designs try to achieve a balanced mix of both the elements. Therefore, most contemporary designs will combine traditional lighting fixtures with modern electronic devices such as light bulbs and LED lights. One of the best ways to learn more about the home lighting designs available is to log onto the Internet and do some research. For more details on lighting design visit the best lighting design company in Fort Myers.