Home Remodeling: The Advantage of Granite Countertops

The beauty of a granite countertop is the endless possibilities it presents. The color and patterns are as varied as the rock itself. Some slabs of solid colors and patterns, while others are speckled with countless swirls and waves. However, no two slabs are the same, so it is important to find the one that best suits your decor and kitchen style. If you’re unsure about the type of stone you want, check out some samples of granite countertop designs to get a good idea of what’s available.

Most granite countertops are sealed and smooth, making them very easy to clean and maintain. The material is highly durable and easy to scratch. If you do end up scratching a slab, you can call a granite countertop contractor to come back and repair it for you. The cost of a high-grade granite countertop is $125 to $200 per square foot, while a granite tile counter is considerably less. The color variations available in granite countertops are also limited, but the overall look and design are unsurpassed.

Aside, from its high price, granite countertops are also heavy and need extra support for their installation. To prevent dents or cracks, the most common support material is three-fourth-inch thick plywood. To ensure a level and smooth surface, lay the plywood over the cabinets. Once that’s done, install the granite countertop over the top. Make sure the countertop is evenly aligned with the edges. Experts recommend prototyping the design on a cardboard template to ensure that it fits the space.

When you choose a granite countertop, you can be confident that you’re making a wise decision. It is a premium natural stone and will increase the beauty and value of your home. Its resistance to heat and stains is second to none. Its dramatic appearance makes it an excellent choice for any home. Just remember to choose a high-end real estate property before installing your new granite counter. But be sure to do your homework before choosing a granite countertop.

A granite countertop can be a focal point in your kitchen. If you’re concerned about radon exposure, consider using a non-abrasive cloth to clean it. You’ll need a non-abrasive cloth and a neutral pH cleaning solution. You can also use a spray bottle to clean your granite countertops. The cleaner should be used on a cloth that is free of abrasive material. If you’re using soap-based cleaning solution, make sure that you wipe it away after each use.

A granite countertop can be considered low maintenance, and it will not require resurfacing or repairs for many years. If it is properly sealed, however, it will absorb liquids, making it more vulnerable to stains and bacteria. Regardless of which type of granite countertop you choose, you can be assured that it will last for many years. There are few downsides to installing a granite countertop, but the best thing to do is to hire a Long Island home remodeling professional to help you.

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