How to Choose and Install a Privacy Fence

There are a few options for your privacy fence. You can choose wood, vinyl, or cedar pickets. If you choose vinyl, there are no spacing issues to worry about. Wooden fences will require a small gap to allow for expansion. Consider a wooden fence, if you’d prefer not to have to worry about it is growing over time. However, if you’d prefer to use wood, you’ll need to consider whether you’re willing to tolerate the occasional splinter.

Before installing your privacy fence, make sure you understand the boundaries of your property. While professional contractors will do this research for you, homeowners may have to do it themselves. Check with the local zoning office to determine the exact dimensions of your property plot. Or, hire a Peterborough fence professional to find the lines and outline where your privacy fence will be installed. While hiring a surveyor will cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, it’s worth it if you can avoid costly problems later.

Prices for a privacy fence vary considerably, but you should be prepared to spend at least $1,500. This price range is for the material and installation costs and includes labor. A six-foot privacy fence will generally cost around $1,788 to $6,961 and may cost as much as $8,250. It also depends on the number of feet the fence will cover. You should also keep in mind the size and layout of your yard when estimating the cost of installation. If your yard is big enough, you can hire a contractor to remove the plants that you are not using.

When choosing a privacy fence, you should consider the aesthetics of the area where the fence is located. If you are surrounded by a lot of traffic, privacy fences can make it difficult to hear the noise from nearby neighbors. However, if you want a secluded setting, you might want to consider using vinyl or wood. Vinyl fences are a great choice for privacy, as they reduce cross-winds, while wood fences protect your landscaping.

A wooden privacy fence can be constructed with overlapping boards. However, if the fence is made with overlapping pickets, there will be a visible gap. A solid lock-board fence can be particularly good for protecting your living space during strong winds. It also keeps cool air from cooling your home on hot days. Cedar lock-board fences are durable and can last for years. If you’d like your privacy fence to blend in with the landscape, consider installing a climbing vine or arbor.

The privacy fence can be a standalone structure or can be incorporated into an above-ground pool. Screens can be made of box hedging or redesigned doors. They are also a good option if you’d like to keep your sunbathing area private. Make sure to choose a privacy screen that is waterproof. You can also buy premade screens.

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