How to Keep Your Roof Power Washing Safe

Your roof has to do a lot for you and your home, and that means it’s going to need some special care from time to time. One of the best ways to keep your roof in great shape is to hire a professional power washing company. They will be able to clean your roof without harming the shingles or other materials used on the surface of your roof.

Is Your Roof Safe for Power Washing?

If your roof is made of concrete or slate, it’s probably not going to be suitable for a power wash. This is because the water pressure will cause damage to the underlying material that makes your roof waterproof and durable. It can also force shingles off your roof, which is not something you want.

The most common roof tiles in the UK are designed to gradually wear off over a period of years, until they need to be replaced. A high powered pressure washer can strip away the granular finish on the surface of your roof tile, making it more susceptible to cracking and chipping, which will shorten its life.

Another problem is that the hose on power washers can damage the edge of your roof, so make sure you use non-slip shoes when you’re climbing up the ladder to access the roof. A pair of soft-soled, non-slip socks will make a big difference and help you stay safe while walking around on your roof with a hose in your hand.

You can use a foamer or soap shooter to apply a cleaner on your roof to loosen up any mold and moss that has built up on the shingles, so they can be easily removed. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the shingles for a while before trying to spray it off, as this will help it work more effectively.

Using high-pressure sprays to wash your roof will cause more damage than you can imagine. It will strip paint off of metal roofing and will likely leave rust spots on the shingles.

In addition, it can damage the underlying cement or clay, which may lead to leaks and other problems. Lastly, it can remove the resin that is a key preservative for cedar shakes.

Why Should I Call a Pro to Do My Roof Power Washing?

When you decide to hire a pro to do your roof power washing, you’re making an investment in your home and its value. They will be able to take a look at your roof and identify any areas that need repair before the weather starts to worsen, which will save you money on repairs later.

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