What to Look For in a Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence attorney

If you are accused of domestic violence, it is vital to have an experienced and aggressive Phoenix Arizona Domestic Violence attorney on your side to protect your rights and the future. These crimes can impact your employment, professional licensing, custody and visitation rights and more. It can also have a long-lasting effect on your reputation, finances and access to your children.

The best Phoenix Arizona Domestic Violence lawyer has a wide variety of experience in defending people who have been charged with domestic violence. They understand how to present a defense that will allow you to avoid criminal penalties and go on with your life as usual.

They work in a solo law practice or as part of a large law firm with many attorneys. Some also work at shelters or facilities run by advocacy groups for women or other victims of abuse.

Their primary duty is to help their clients navigate a complicated legal process. This includes helping their clients seek restraining orders to keep their abusers away from them, evaluating their cases and providing advice on how a conviction may affect their lives.

They meet with their clients in offices or at other locations as needed, such as jails. Some also handle domestic violence cases as part of a specialized trial team in criminal courts.

A good domestic violence lawyer will be able to respond to your calls and emails quickly and accurately. This will help you feel confident that the attorney is following your case and that all communications are being addressed.

Communication is a key element in a successful domestic violence defense strategy, as it can help you feel more assured about your case. Your attorney should communicate with you as much as possible, answering all your questions and keeping you up to date on your situation.

The best domestic violence lawyers can present a variety of defense strategies that will allow you to avoid criminal penalties and get your life back on track. Some of these defenses include self-defense, lack of evidence or proof of intent and a lack of the required mental state to commit the crime.

Emotional Abuse

A man, woman or child can claim emotional abuse when they are subjected to a long string of name-calling, insults and slurs. This form of abuse often makes them feel depressed and humiliated, which can be a strong basis for an emotional abuse case.

You can also claim emotional abuse if your partner repeatedly threatens to hurt you or cause you physical harm. These threats can be a way for your partner to gain control of you.

False Allegations

It is not uncommon for people to falsely accuse one another of domestic violence. This can happen during a divorce or during a custody battle. The accuser may use these allegations as a way to win the fight or enact revenge.

Defending against a false allegation of domestic violence is a delicate matter, and you should never attempt to defend yourself on your own. This is why it is essential to hire an experienced Phoenix Arizona Domestic Violence attorney as soon as possible.

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